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We are automobile professionals that have decided to offer our experience to those who want it . We will provide you very sound information. If you choose to use this advice you will save Money Time and Energy.

Our experience covers any and all aspects of automobile sales, purchasing, selection and negotiation. We have compiled and will present to you an easy to understand dialogue.

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Carmentors4u is proud to offer this complete product guide of specific areas and insights that will benefit anyone who cares to use it. Hate to go through the car buying experience? Carmentors4u will help.

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We realize that the great joy of getting your next car, has turned into a nightmare for most folks. We are independent ------ and do not work for any car dealership. You will have over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive sales and management at your disposal.

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Car negotiation experts
Car negotiation experts will show you how to negotiate a great car deal and save between $2000 to $5000 or more on your next car deal.
Our Service Package 1
Our Service Package 1 will do it all for you.
Our Service Package 2
Our Service Package 2 is designed to do every thing,we find the car you want and negotiate every faze of the car deal.
Car Buying Tips
Let us give you some money saving Car Buying Tips
Hate to negotiate ?
Hate to negotiate a car deal we love this part of the process
Monthly Payments
How to negotiate low monthly payments to save Money, Time and Energy
It's save you money time
CarMentors4u will find the deals that save you Money,Time and Energy.
Your Time
Your Time is valuable , do you have the extra time to search for a great deal, if not we get it done for you.
My trade vehicle
What can I expect with my trade vehicle? CarMentors4u says know your trade in value and save Money, Time and Energy.
Determine your trade in value
CarMentors4u will help you determine your trade in value, you will save Money, Time and Energy
The vehicle history report
The Vehicle history report is a valuable tool for all. Knowing the vehicle history will always save you headaches down the road.
Vehicle Selection Guide
Carmentors 4u Vehicle Selection Guide is the perfect tool for you to save money, time and energy.
Your Car Mentors
Your Car Mentors would love to help you with your next car deal. We are expert negotiators. We will save you Money, Time and Energy.
We Communicate with you
We communicate every step of the way with you. By keeping in touch with you, this will you save Money,Time and Energy.
Mentors are good listeners
Mentors are good listeners and will save you Money,Time and Energy
honest dealings,
Carmentors4u will locate the dealers that will conduct honest dealings and negotiate in good faith.
Contact CarMentors4u
Contact CarMentors4U with all your questions
Testimonials Referrals Recommendations
Testimonials, Referrals, We come with high Recommendations
Adoption has really blessed my family
The Young Driver
The young driver of today can become very distracted and be at a higher risk.
Auto Insurance
You can save hundreds of dollars on Auto Insurance if you just spend some time looking around.
CarMentors4u Best Practices
Read CarMentors4u Best Practices and know you are dealing with the right people.
The Mistakes happen
We all have mistakes happen with some decisions we make.
Cheaper cars can be found
If you look around at dealers trade in areas you could find cheaper cars.
The proper way to negotiate
The proper way to negotiate will get the deal your way.
Car Dealership
CarMentors4u wants to have Car Dealership Fun and save Money, Time and Energy
Chuck Davis Mentor
I know to be known as Chuck Davis a Car Mentor I hold great responsibility. My goal is to offer services as a mentor, teacher, guide and negotiator to those who can benefit.
Four Square Technique
CaMentors4u have mastered and understand the four square technique, this will benefit you and save you lots of Money. Time and Energy.
Interest rate
Interest rate is a major factor in your monthly payment.
Loan Contract Terms
know your loan contract terms
Our mission
Our mission is to to get you one awsome car deal
Private Party Cars
The Private Party Cars method of vehicle selection will save you money and bring a great deal most of the time
Steve Griffiths Carmentor
Steve Griffiths carmentor would love to negotiate your next car deal
Car Selection Process
This is the car selection process, choose the internet, private party or dealer. We will save your Money,Time, and Energy
The Right Dealership
CarMentors4u will help you choose the right dealership and feel confident with your deal.
client professions list
Client professions list of people we helped save Money, Time and Energy over the years.
Four Wheel Drive Selection
The Four Wheel Drive selection has to be done properly.
Car Safety First
Car Safety and design should be critical when selecting the right type of vehicle for your family.
Senior Citizens need to be aware
Camentors4u will help our senior citizens save Money,Time and Energy
Protect yourself from Identity Theft
Identity theft is a crime that is rampant and can be prevented.
You benefit with our success
You benefit with our E book--Save Money,Time and Energy
Be ready for winter driving
Carentors4u will get you ready for winter driving
a ebook
This is what a ebook is all about, and how it works
CarMentors4u Sales Professional program
Todays Sales Professional needs to know what the consumer is expecting. We can assist you become what they expect.
Contribute to Carmentors4u
Would you like to share your knowledge about carmentors4u? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.