Chuck and Steve's Vehicle Selection Guide


OK!! The time has come for our Vehicle Selection Guide to assist you with the vehicle location and selection process. We have helped thousands get that perfect car, truck, SUV, or van in their driveway. Four wheel drive

Our experience will speak to you loud and clear. Car Mentors intentions and directions will be very specific. We told you that we have dealt with thousand’s of people over the years, and they have come to us from every employment and nationality demographic imaginable.

More on the car selection process

Some of the greatest reward’s we experienced was a direct result of assisting people with the vehicle selection process. We have found that if the buyer doe’s it right, the out come is alway's awesome.

UNFORTUNATELY sometimes the phrase “Buyers Remorse” enter's in to play.

See our page on Private Party Cars

The contents of what you are about to read in this guide will be spelled out in straight forward language. We designed our guide to provide and add real world information into the mix. If you follow our lead, you will take the appropriate steps and should make the proper vehicle selection.

The truth of the matter is, that a large number of people are emotional and/or spontaneous purchaser’s. You may not believe for a minute this describes you, and that you are totally prepared for that vehicle selection process. This can be true and some of the time it is.


How to buy Cheaper Cars

We are committed to your complete satisfaction and if permitted, intend to prove it to you.

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