This page could go forever, but we would like to give you some of CarMentors4U -top car buying tips.

Car Buying Tip #1

We DO NOT recommend buying a vehicle when a dealer has taken his inventory to a different location such as a mall, sports facility, or a big store parking lot. You could and would typically get caught up in all the hype if you were in the market for a car.

Most people envision great deals and significant savings.

Remember this: Dealers spend LOTS of money to transport there inventory, and advertize to a different location. That money has to come from somewhere.

Though most car dealers have budgeted "SPECIAL" dollars for these (OFF SITE SPECTACULAR'S). The truth will end up that the average gross profit per vehicle sold will be a lot higher- period.

Example: Picture a beautiful yellow sports car you absolutely have to have. It is tagged rock bottom-no negotiation necessary etc..,

Well the expression used in the car business is how much "meat is left on the bone" Carmentors 4U know's if this car is the one for you, we will guide you towards additional savings. Let us show you how to put that little cream puff in your garage.

Buying Tip #2

If you don't have to purchase a new car but would like to get close to new, like a used 2010 with 20,000 miles or less. Car Mentors 4U recommends a lease return, program car or a rental return vehicle. We have seen as much as a 50% savings from when it was brand new.

Example: New MSRP $27995 same model year used with low miles now $13995. That's a BIG savings!

Car Buying Tip #3

If a dealership is having a sale with a outside company (staffed event) giving away prizes such as $30,000 in cash, a car, trip, big screen tv, etc..,

DO NOT purchase a car at this event. This hired "staff" are professionals and contracted from somewhere else. The promises that are made at the time of sale, can and will be sometimes exaggerated. Some of the highest gross profit's we have seen since we have been in the car business, were generated by these staffed events.

Go check to see if you have won anything if you have to, but wait until the sale is over. Great deals can sometimes be had on a car that has been returned back to that dealership, every thing will be back to normal by then. We have learned that negotiation is not a bad word for any party.

Just a note - I was at a dealership that had a sale like this and a lady did win the $ 50,000 grand prize, it was pretty exciting.

Car Buying Tip #4

Know a little bit about the dealership you are dealing with. There are good ones and bad ones like in any business. You want to know how they handle themselves after the sale if something goes wrong with your car. Get recommendations from your friends, family, co workers, even your credit unions can recommend a good one most of the time.

Let Carmentors 4U help choose the right dealership that will support the ideas of saving you Money, Time and Energy.

Buying Tip #5

If you don't think you have it in you to negotiate a car deal, please call us. You have no idea how much money we can save you with just one phone call to the dealership you pick out. With a 5 minute phone call Car Mentors 4U can save you at least 2 to 3 hours of time at the dealership, not to mention the stress of the car deal.

Car Tips 6 and 7

More buying tips will come in our Car Mentors 4U blog. Visit us soon.

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