Car Dealership Fun

Get ready for some great Car Dealership Fun. If you are prepared and want to enjoy the whole car buying process, you will remember this forever. The days of fear and intimidation will be gone if you go with the right frame of mind and information.

Remember you have been trained to select your car first and then the price you want to pay. The fun facts are that you will benefit and will not be confused or become mislead if you follow the program you started out with us.

You drive on to the car lot and here comes a salesman with a great smile and a hand out to welcome you. He reaches you and starts out by saying " Welcome to ABC Motors my name is Charlie and yours is?" Great let me start out by telling you what my responsibilities are ------One: To assist you and your family select the right vehicle for you. Two: to make sure it fits within your budget. And Three to do all this in a timely manner, how does that sound? WOW, you are asking yourself by now, where did this guy come from. I absolutely did not expect this from a car dealership at all. This sort of greeting and professionalism is not common. Do not be alarmed, these professionals still do exist and they do have a sincere interest in providing that level of service. This sort of salesman is rare and congrats if you find one at any car dealership.

The real world tells us this is most likely what you will hear. “Hello my name is Charlie and what can I help you find today? How much do you want to spend, how much down payment do you have and what kind of payment are you looking for?” NOW you may feel better because this is really what you expected. Do not be deterred, you can still have some car dealership fun.

If you want to have fun at the car dealership, the simple truth is that you will benefit from the research you did do, the program you laid down for yourself, and the budget you set forth.

Go directly to the point and specify these desires in a nice way to your salesman. If he is ready to sell a car, he will listen attentively and repeat to you what you have laid out. The direction they go from here will determine if the car dealership values the sale. The car dealership salesperson should want to have fun as well. Fun starts with not having to deal with some ridiculous set of rules from the customer.

Remember that these people are there to make a living, and it is OK, to make a profit. The car dealership that wants to make all the profit on ONE DEAL are the car dealers that have tough times in today’s market place.

The steps to the sale that have been trained and mentored by the car dealership, into salesman for years are basically the same from dealership to dealership. These steps are ok and help a salesman understand where they are at in a car deal. Enjoy this fun process if you care, it only benefits you, if you remain in control. This is because these steps are designed to gain commitment from you the buyer from the car dealership.

Enjoy all the Money, Time and Energy you will save. Have some fun.

Briefly and in general form

Step 1 Meet and greet the customer, how this is done can make or break a deal with the client. Most of the time the salesman will do a good job. To get a great salesman can be a bonus for sure.

Step 2 Building rapport and determining what type of vehicle the customer is looking for. This process can start or end a relationship very quickly. If they are not listening to your needs and bring something into play that is not what you want or described --say see ya.

Step 3 Land the customer on a specific vehicle that meets their needs (this is where a lot of salesmen make mistakes-if they do not listen to you properly they may show you something that may not be even close.) The fun could end here as well.

Step 4 The great salespeople will do a proper walk around of the vehicle showing you the features you are interested in (provided it is a good choice). Also explaining to you the benefits that fill your wants and needs. Good car guys and pros strongly enforce the walk around practice.

Step 5 The demonstration drive, the salesman should drive first to show more features and benefits pointing out the controls of the car. This is fun because you get to relax and enjoy the car without worrying about traffic etc…, Now you drive and test the car yourself, the salesman should only talk if asked to answer a question.

Step 6 Return to the dealership. You will be asked to park in the dealers delivery area. Park somewhere else and look for the reaction.

Step 7 Closing questions will start coming like, is this right car for you? Great if the numbers come out right will you own this car? They are fishing for objections now. If you have any, be fair and direct with your answers. Most car franchises will spend a significant amount of training on overcoming objections. Once again the benefit to you here is that, be real with your objection whatever it may be. The price objection is normally the top one, and most salesmen handle this one with this WAY

You say !! The price is too high!!! The car salesman's reply will be what if I could get you another $$$ discount would that work.

We as sales managers were always a little frustrated when a salesmen took this path. When you came up with the price objection, you were simply saying that enough value was not being built in vehicle to qualify the price.

The car dealership is not having any fun now!!!

Step 8 If the car is right, the paperwork begins which includes the Four Square and several other forms associated with the car deal. THIS IS NORMAL at most car stores do not get alarmed. Most states require quite a bit of forms. Negotiate and come to an agreement. If the dealership uses a four square technique-as the salesman if you can fill it out-see what reaction you may get.

Step 9 Into the car dealership finance department you go to sign up for the new car. Remember this should be a great experience having the information you have. Dealership finance managers have a living to make as well. Listen to what he or she may have to say. There definitely is value in some of the products offered.

Step 10 The delivery of the new car.

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