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You find the car, truck, or van you want. CarMentors4U will totally negotiate the whole deal. Pull a Auto Check getting you the history on the vehicle (if used)-- inspect for any accidents, liens, water damage, hail damage, number of previous owners and where the vehicle came from etc..,

Chuck or Steve will talk to the right person to get your best price, negotiate a extended warranty(if applicable), Gap coverage, and all documention fees.

We will also talk to them about financing if you need it.

These alone should Save You $2,000 to $5000 Or More* plus your valuable time and energy.

We do not accept any money from dealerships for doing this.

We work exclusively for you !!!!!!

Complete Money back guarantee on our services if not satisfied!



Tell CarMentors4U what you are looking for and we will find the vehicle, Auto Check for a vehicle history report, for liens and where it comes from. We will do the whole deal from start to finish. If you need financing we will help obtain it. If you have a trade in we will help with that too.

This will Save You $2,000 to $ 5000 Or More* plus your valuable time and energy.

So when everything is to your satisfaction you just walk in, sign papers, and take your car home. No hassles ! We promise !

Again, CarMentors4U services is independent and will receive no money from the dealership or sellers at anytime.

We work exclusively for you !

CarMentors4U will guarantee your MONEY BACK on all our services if not completely satisfied.

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Pick up and delivery services

CarMentors4U Services can also provide a complete pickup and delivery service after your vehicle is found and the deal has been completed. We will also test drive and inspect the vehicle before the delivery actually takes place. This gives you the piece of mind that you are buying the right car, truck, van or Suv. We have inspected, appraised, test drove and evaluated mechanical condition on thousands of vehicles over the years. We will certify that the vehicle selection you have made is the right one.

Some Restrictions Do Apply-Call us today and we will go over the entire program for you

CarMentors4U has all the answers go to Contact Us now * The savings that our clients actually receive will vary from car deal to car deal. Carmentors4u will get our clients various forms of savings. These savings are typically a combined total of price discounts, interest rate savings, trade value as well as discounts on Gap and Service contract premiums etc..,