CarMentors4u Best Practices

Carmentors4u Best Practices

STEVE and I decided when we created CarMentors4u that we would establish an outline of Best Practices to insure that our clients were delighted with the results.

1. WE will provide the highest standards of support and communications for our clients, maintain a proactive approach to our mentoring programs, and take the position that the client will always come first in all our dealings.

2. WE only provide information and support to get the best car deal(s) possible for our clients. We will be dedicated to saving our clients Money, Time and Energy.


Our mission says to never compromise integrity and ethics when dealing with either the client or dealership that has been selected.

4. OUR main goal is to simplify the whole auto buying process and mentor the client(s) with proper directions and/or support.

5. OUR mentorship will also hold all parties accountible to the standards we have set forth for all our interactions.

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