This is where the fun begins in the selection process for that car, truck, van or suv.

Lets talk about the first steps in the car selection process, and where to look. Ask these questions--- Am I going to find my new car and best deal on the internet?, or from a private party? or last but not least a car dealer? or last but not least a car dealer? Whichever you choose, the basics will have to be followed for sure. Remember this also, who you buy from is just as important as the ultimate car selection decisions you make.

Lets say the internet is your choice of . This is an awesome place to select your car(s), because of the amount of information available to you. You have several web sites that will offer great search engines. This will help you find the vehicle you are searching for at no cost and allow you incredible car selections. The power and benefit's here are the simplicity of these sites and how much help they will give you in the car selection process Example: put items such as the year of the car, selection of model, color, mileage, price and other things , push enter and, PRESTO the search engine locates all the vehicle’s that meet your needs. The car with price and pictures, mileage, location etc.., will appear. Most sites will provide the information on how to contact the seller.

Both Steve and I have found one of the most powerful sites to gather straight forward and concise information is

You will find that the people selling vehicles on the web are mostly dealers that pay for this service or have an internet type person doing all the uploading and selling for the dealer. Some times this car selection process method will lead you to a private party-this can be a little scary. (a little later discussion)

The dealers that advertise on the internet typically will spend quite a bit of money to present their inventory. This selection process is one that will provide the buyer with some very good information and the person you deal with should know his inventory very well. This will benefit you greatly, because it does not require your presence at the store right away and allows you to communicate in the method that you choose, and you select the pace you go forward..

Lets say that you find the specific vehicle or vehicles of interest, you can print the internet ads very easily right from the site in most cases. Select one or more and put in the order you feel that makes you comfortable. This can start the car selection process and give you quite a bit of information from the gate.

If your desire is to make contact but not speak with anyone at this point 99 percent of the time their will be an email contact method. Test the waters and send a short note with a question and see how quickly someone responds. If the response is fast-this is good(I will tell you later why). If the response is slow in coming, this could be a sign that the person or persons responsible for responding to your selection request may not be dedicated only to that function. This usually means you will be dealing with a salesman and not a person that can make a decision without going through a manager.

Back to the quick response time that you received from your inquiry. I speak from my experience in the Internet departments that I managed that fast is good. I knew that the customer that was inquiring, was not looking to purchase a hamburger, they were in a vehicle purchase mode. Get them while they are hot I always said. This did not mean that you were going to deal with a lay down, but rather an interested party that is looking for the service and help in the car selection process.

We recommend dealing with someone that responds quickly and has the information your are searching for right way and specifics. Here is benefit # 1, that you will avoid back and forth to the manager because you are probably dealing with person who can make selling decisions. Benefit #2 IN MOST cases you can coordinate all that you require with one person and not have to hassle with others during the process. Benefit # 3 if this person is on his or her game they will get all ready to negotiate and realize that you are an informed buyer who will not tolerate nonsense.

If you are satisfied with this car selection process and the time it took for an answer via internet and are satisfied with the response you received. Step 2 is to possibly allow the person to contact you by phone. Do not offer your contact number till you are prepared to ask direct and pointed questions. We suggest that you write them down before you receive the phone call.

When you are ready to get down to the nitty gritty, do not beat around the bush. Make your offer based on the information you have gathered and see what the reaction will be. Remember profit is not a bad word, but make sure it feels reasonable to you based on the research that you have conducted. We will assure you that if this person is a professional and cares about your business, he will respond directly and quickly. The price you ultimately receive should be very reasonable and essentially save you several dollars off the typical retail prices out there. Footnote-if you find your choice of vehicles on the top of the search engine results-odds are the price will be very competitive to start with-do your research-make an offer and feel good about your decision, it probably will be the right one.

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