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Many of our clients have a need for cheaper cars and are not really interested in front line ready material. Most dealerships have an area that is used to store all sorts of vehicles that were traded in during a weekend sale etc.., When these cars, trucks, vans and Suv's are appraised, a determination is made then and there. Will this trade in be reconditioned and put on the lot or sale? Will the vehicle be wholesaled to a independent car lot, or sent to auction?

In any case the fact remains, that you can sometimes get your hands on one of these cars for a good money saving deal. How can this be? It is very simple.

The dealership is interested in marketing the real nice or newer trades. Sometimes the reconditioning that a vehicle would need to transform it into a real nice piece "WILL COST TOO MUCH". When this is the case, the car is wholesaled or sent to auction.

Example: The dealership takes in a car that is in tip top shape in all areas other than the paint has been peeling. The cost to repaint a car and make it look real nice can be very high. Rather than mess with this, the car probably would become a wholesale unit, to be sold to an independent car lot. The car then gets an inexpensive paint job and is sold below the full retail value. If you do not need a pretty car, you could probably get a good deal on this type of cheaper car , before it is wholesaled.

Example: You run across a high mileage car, but it looks very straight and well maintained. This car may be offered for sale, but would not qualify for any additional warranty and has to be sold and represented as is. Make an offer, you may be surprised what the dealer may take for it.

There are all kinds of different reasons that some of these cheaper cars can be acquired for below market values.

Very important, The dealership will have no choice other than to sell this type of vehicle as is, no warranty whatsoever period. You must understand this is completely OK, do not expect anything more if you want to save thousands of dollars.

If it needs reconditioning, you may be able to get a discount. The dealer may not want the expense.

Information about acquiring a car through auto auctions is on another section of our website. These purchases can represent a significant savings as well.

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