Chuck Davis the car buying mentor

I have at sometime's been referred to as Chuck Davis the Car Buying Mentor. This title has kind of stuck with me over the years.

Thank you for taking a look at my profile and considering me an advisor for your automotive needs. My family and I are long time residents of Kennewick, Washington.

My beautiful wife Debbie and I have been married for over 25 years, and have been blessed with sons Christopher and William, adopted daughter Edna who is the mother of three of our grandchildren Elizabeth (lizzy) Sylas (sy guy) Jasmine Star (banana). Our fourth grand child Layla (layla bug) and of course our pet Pomeranian Missy. We are also under the watchful eye of my mother in law Patricia who resides with us. They all mean a great deal to me.

My personal history in the car selling business goes back to when Lee Iaccoca was in charge of Chrysler. I have over 26 years of comprehensive experience in every area of car sales and management. I feel confident in saying that I am very qualified.

My job history consists of solid accomplishments that include top sales performances, extensive training and a great number of negotiated car deals. You could say that car selling and all that accompanies it has been my life to date.

The word's Chuck Davis the Car Mentor have a very precise definition.----Chuck needs to act as a wise, trusted counselor or teacher. The words such as "coach", "advisor", "tutor", "intellectual" and "guru" are also in the mix.

My list of credentials is very long and if I were asked to provide any of them, I gladly would comply.

The word "passion" will best describe what I have for life now. I am extremely excited about offering what I have learned over the years and passing it on to those who can benefit. I have acted as a trainer, guide, guru and mentor to many many people who have worked with me and for me. Many of those individuals have gone on to very successful positions in all kinds of industry.

My love for teaching and mentoring prompted me to start this company with my good friend Steve.

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