Look here-do you see yourself on our client professions list?

Our client professions list was compiled to let our clients understand that we can assist you for sure. As you can see we have served many--------------What do you do? What is your profession?

Partial professions list

consultant, administrative, receptionist, computer, engineer, shipping, construction, administrative assistant, human resources,entry level car sales, health care professional, vehicle manufacturing, purchasing agents, sportsman, driver, warehouse, director, financier, hotel maid, cruise, retail, benefits, security, maintenance, teacher, student, medical, analyst, accountant, engineering, real estate agent, data entry, technician, printer, insurance, customer service, marketing, accounting, clerical, management, service, automotive, controller, telecommunications, nursing, trainer, banking, restaurant, teller, nurse, software, waiter, waitress, hostess, graphic design, project management, secretary, design, art, photography, publishing, advertising, supervisor, public relations, office, medical assistant, payroll, hotel, electrical, safety, executive assistant, transportation, federal, teaching, communications, programmer, mortgage, pharmaceutical, office manager, social services, college, internet, dental, bartender, accounts payable, truck driver, chef, consultant, restaurant, operator, administrative assistant-

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If you do not find your self on the above list-you may need a job

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