The Right Dealership

Find the right dealership
Find the right dealership

The car dealership has not changed much over the decades other than the type of vehicles that are offered in todays world. The right dealership with simple business models are still present. Display, advertise and promote awesome deals on Cars, Trucks, Vans and Suvs. The good ones have the right people working for them, and they will mentor their employees properly.

In the 40's and 50's it may have been a little simpler. The customer would come into the dealer and be prepared to spend upwards of a few hundred dollars to maybe a thousand or more for that brand new car.

Today the prices are a little different.

Most car stores would always highlight the newest models on the showroom floor. The options were very limited such as whether you wanted a heater in your new car, or maybe a radio. TODAY you have to decide whether you want a navigation system or not. Yeah we have come a long way in the technology departments. But the basics should still be present to the customer and integrity and passion should be evident.

The successful business's still maintain a customer is always first mentality. These lots are the ones we always will recommend and work with. The simple things stand out when entering into one of these stores. The feeling of being welcome is the most important.

Our experience shows us that you can sense it right away when entering into the kind of store that appreciates their customers. You will see a passion in the method in which they greet you and feel that they really care. It will not take long at all, to tell the difference. The good ones will listen to all that you say and react accordingly.

As CarMentor's we also look for that sort of welcome when we call or visit.

In our minds the car store must earn your business with it actions and not just the price or deal. The truth of the matter is that if you are treated right you will send more business down the road. We will certainly look for the dealer that treats us with respect and believes that our clients are special. If the franchise does not think we are important then they will loose business in the process.

Our years in the business has earned us respect from our peers, and we know that most of the people we deal with are sincere. The deals that we have negotiated for our clients have reflected that fact. We will save you Money, Time and Energy for sure.

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