The Four Wheel Drive

The passion surrounding the four wheel drive has never left the car business and most dealerships stock a very good selection of these vehicles. The 4x4 can come in all shapes and sizes. These vehicles can come as a SUV type or can be lifted off the ground. The word here is to be very careful in purchasing one of these types of vehicles primarily if is used and has a few miles on it. When you buy a four wheel drive type vehicle, it may gave seen some off road use and depending on the severity of use, it can have some problems. The lifted trucks can be great to look at and draw lots of attention. the pictures to the left and right are certainly extremes but represent a basic meaning of what we are trying to say. The lifted trucks are modified from there original design intent of the manufacturer. When modifications take place, some of the suspension or power train components can be affected. The warranty that the manufacturer places on the vehicle becomes " void "if it is modified from it original design. Inspection and test driving should always be very thorough. The expense to repair 4 wheel drive systems and/or suspension systems can be very high. Fuel mileage always suffers because of these modifications, and safety should also be a strong consideration.

The wide open spaces and off road type areas have always been a great way to enjoy the outdoors. I have personally enjoyed four wheeling and must say it is a thrill. The 4x4's are typically designed with safety in mind, but when modified they can represent a definite danger. The areas such as center of gravity and braking distance can be affected. Have an expert look over the truck or SUV to get the proper feed back prior to purchasing this type of off road vehicle. Remember that not all 4x4's are modified and generally are safe. If you plan to modify a 4x4 of any sort, do it with the help of professional installers and up fit providers.

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