Hate to negotiate?

Hate to negotiate a car deal?

We love this part of the process. We think its the fun part of getting a car.

Negotiating starts when you have picked out the car you want.

Most of the time you think you have to get the price down, get more for your trade in, and have a low monthly payments, without alot of cash out of your pocket.

A lot to negotiate! Sure it is!!

Dealers will start with a 4 square, have you ever seen one of these? These documents have been around since the 1950's.

We have become:

Masters of the four square techniques of negotiations Click here to read

Dealers want you to focus on only one square, but you need to know what is in all Four Squares.


They will ask you if that monthly payment will work for you? If you say yes, you did not negotiate at all. We believe you may have left $1000's of dollars on the table. Do you feel this has ever happened to you?

What if we could make it look something like this, or even do it for you.

You think this is only a $2145 savings, but over the term of the loan it is over a $5000+ savings. We will train and mentor you on how to do this.

Proper way to negotiate

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