Dealers and sellers that DO NOT conduct honest dealings are still out there!!

The truth about honest dealings is there are dealers and sellers out in todays world that refuse to conduct by these rules . The unfortunate facts have pointed to greed and the belief that dishonest practices can go unnoticed or unpunished. This has created some very bad blood between consumers and dealers or sellers.

We have surveyed many many people over the years and have come to find out that many individuals have been treated poorly and fooled or duped.

Steve and I can truthfully say that sometimes the focus on making money, had clouded many salesman or managers thinking. We have been successful in our careers. This was because we decided a time long ago our great responsibility to our clients and families, was complete and honest dealings.

Our individual sales and accomplishments were a direct result of realizing the significance of honest dealings in everything we did. Enough said about us.

We are committed to make sure our clients have all the information they need to make proper decisions based on facts.

Check out car safety.


What is the history of the car?

is a great tool for this.

Has the vehicle been damaged in flood, hail, fire, wrecked, junked or even possess a salvaged title. Most dealers will provide this information freely, but remember if you do not ask, you may not receive. Some dealers have made the same mistake we are talking about and are anxious to get rid of the car. If they happen to own a car with a bad history, the deal they offer may be too hard to pass up, be very careful what you ask for.

BUYER BEWARE because after you take delivery of that used car, you have no recourse in most states. The dealership will make you sign an "AS IS STATEMENT" to cover this issue.

Also mistakes do happen.


Another area to pay very close attention to is what your contract actually consists of. The possibility of added items, or maybe even an interest rate that may be a little higher than you anticipated. Always! Always! have the deal disclosed to you prior to any signatures are given.

WE can and will negotiate all aspects of your car deal, to save you Money, Time and Energy

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