The Mistakes happen

The mistakes happen, and some people also make poor choices. But remember these mistakes and choices can happen. We promised to be straight forward, and intend to be. The facts are that you may have made an emotional decision or simply did not understand what was happening. WE completely understand and have helped hundreds of people out of bad deals. This advice is probably the most rewarding part of what we have done for people over the years. No matter what the mistake was, or bad choice you may have made. We can assist you to possibly reverse it. If we are not able to reverse it, we may be able to ease the pain a little. The following is an example of what our advise can help with. We can mentor you through your situation.

Steve and I recently helped a younger buyer who was very emotional at the dealership and purchased a vehicle that he thought was a 4 WHEEL DRIVE and in reality it was a 2 WHEEL DRIVE. In most cases he would be stuck with the mistake and the decision he made. We asked the client to provide us with all the details of the transaction, and low and behold he had a way out. The dealership made a poor choice and was out of compliance with the state laws. We did pick this out, and were able to guide him out of the deal. He was able to get all his down payment back and his trade in returned to him. Though this may have sounded too easy, sometimes it is not. Our years in the business have provided us the knowledge to understand the laws and things that protect the consumers. We are experts and will make sure the mistake you may have made was not something that was a dishonest or illegal manuever. YES, THEY DO HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.

The facts are simple, it is the dealerships responsibility to know and follow all laws. The department of licensing does not like the mistakes to happen, period. The consumer's are protected by many many rules that CANNOT be broken. If these rules are bent or are broken, you will have recourse. Ignorance by the dealership is not tolerated by the states that they do business in. Sometimes honest mistakes happen and can be an oversight on behalf of the dealer. Though this is certainly understandable, and this may give you recourse. Years ago, these rules that governed business for the car dealerships, were very vague to say the least. This is where a lot of bad blood developed between dealers and consumers.

Enforcement was very low back then and in a lot of cases the dealers did get away with some very poor business dealings.

Not true in todays world. The mistakes happen, but the T's have to be crossed and the I's doted for sure. This is where we come in. If you get caught in a poor decision, let us try to erase the mistake. The mistakes happen, they do not have to be permanent.

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