How should I handle my trade vehicle?

The very first thing we need to to do is answer some questions about “ my trade vehicle”. We may need to make some very difficult decisions when it comes "OLD BETSY", including if we will trade it in at all.

Absolutely the number “1” question you should ask yourself would be---Is my trade in actually worth very much at all? This question should be answered honestly and quickly by you.

Ask yourself a few things. Why do I want to part with it? Would I feel comfortable trading it?

Let's face the fact's. My trade vehicle could be an older car, truck, or van, that may need some work. Many dealership used vehicle appraiser's will not place a very high value on this type of trade in at all. As Sales Manager's, Steve or I would typically value these type of vehicles at $500 or below at the very best !!!!!

Why not think of these options!!

(a) Keep "OLD BETSY" around for a rainy day, or to use by an old friend, maybe an out of town guest.

(B) For use by your teenage son or daughter as punishment, or till their grades improve just a bit :):)

young driver

If you have a car that is worth more than an 'OLD BETSY' Consider selling the car yourself on a major web site that will offer theexposure you need to sell the car. These services areoffered at a very reasonable price and will bring you qualified buyers.

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(C) Try this one out-- Why not and maybe DONATE TO CHARITY and reap some IRS benefits.

So remember when a dealership representative show’s you some ridiculious or inflated figure for "OLD BETSY" --What does that probably really mean?

What is my trade in actually worth.

Car Mentors 4u will help you find and establish the true market value of your car, truck or van. We are very good at this part.

Steve and I have appraised thousand's of vehicle's over our career's and take this process very seriously. We want to establish a "hard money" value for you and we react to today's economy and market's.

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