Private Party Cars

Private Party Cars

This method of selection represents a way to deal one on one with a person selling their vehicle privately. Typically you will locate these private party cars on the web sites we spoke of on the Internet . The odds are that the private party seller does not have a big budget and will try to advertise locally in the newspaper , giant nickel, wheels and deals, or even the Craigslist. These ads typically are not as sophisticated like the ones you will see elsewhere. But remember this is definitely a benefit. Call right away when you find one, the private party will be happy to hear from you.

Usually a private party car seller is ready and willing to move quickly. The negotiation is typically short and sweet. There are deals to be had here. Anything could happen when these people are contacted if the right questions are asked. Why are you selling the car? How many owners(typically One)? Will you take cash for the car? Is there a lien holder? When was the last service. Can I have my mechanic inspect it right away?

Believe in these sort of questions, they will bring you great discounts if you push the issue. First make an appointment to inspect the car. Then conduct a silent walk around and condition appraisal.

The silent walk around and appraisal consists of opening all doors, trunk and hood of the car. Then check the fluid levels and condition of oils and lubricants. (see basic under hood diagrams). Take a look at the trunk and look for rust and water in the area where the spare tire is located (see trunk diagrams). Look at the condition of spare tire or if there is one. Look for burns or tears in the upholstery, scratches or dings in the paint etc.., Rub your hand over the affected area, do not say anything. You get the idea!!

By conducting this type of walk around-you will typically get the seller to start talking about things you didn’t even ask about. As an example if you were to rub your hand over the tire tread-the seller may share that they were just about to buy new tires. If you were to check the engine oil-the seller may share they were going to get the oil changed next week. THESE reactions for some reason are triggered by the movements and actions you take. Negotiation benefit. If you present an offer with these sort of things in the mind of the private party seller, the odds are you will get the price you want or real real close.

The private party cars could be in need of some sort of maintenance service or mechanical work and the owners side step those ISSUES. For the hope of getting rid of the car to someone who may not know better.

If you feel uncomfortable DOING THIS bring someone with you who would do this for you evaluation and offer for you . Heck, we will make an offer for you, Steve and I have made thousands of buys this way.(check out our inspection and appraisal service)

Remember we are not playing games with the seller, we are going to save you money and frustrations down the road.

Now I know we spoke of researching the values of a used car and how to find that information. The term “fair” should be remembered, offer a “fair” price based on the facts and you will be amazed with the response.

Private party cars can be one your best bets. The seller could be a person who hates to go to the dealership and play the trade game. They are ready to deal and prevent the hassles. You win here trust us. Don't get taken for a drive. AutoCheck® that pre-owned vehicle before you buy.

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