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Believe it or not this can be the hardest part of buying a vehicle. To save you money , we need to be prepared to deal with the car dealer, and know the current incentives that are available at all levels. The fact here is that there is a significant amount of savings to be had, if you just know where to look. CarMentors4u is ready to guarantee our clients $2000 TO $5000 in total savings.

The key here is, savings will come to you in several forms. Rebates have been given by the Manaufacturers for years, and can represent some pretty respectable discounts. THESE REBATES usually start off low and increase as the model year matures. Special interest rates as low as 0.0% APR can sometimes be had, in lieu of these rebates. If you look around "sometimes" you can receive "both"" and you save money hand over fist. The spectacular deals that save you money will happen near the end of the year when the new models are coming out. Dealers can also receive special incentives to liquidate carryover inventory. If you do not ask, you will not receive any part of these.---------- SO ASK !!!

There are several other areas that will save you money, if you come prepared to negotiate with confidence. You should know your trade value as example, so there will never be any mystery. Research the vehicle you have selected and the market on it, know the retail, wholesale and auction prices. If you are buying a used vehicle see what kind of financing deals are available at the local credit unions. We have always understood that the credit unions typically will offer the best savings. (see our finance page).

Leasing a new vehicle can represent a method in which you save money, can lower your payment, shorten your term, and have specific options at the end of the lease contract. We are experts on this product, and will give you all the answers in the leasing section of of our site.(under construction).

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