Senior Citizens need to be aware

Senior citizens be aware.

Carmentors4u has promised to benefit you with information, that is straight forward and to the point. Well, this subject pertaining to our elders is one that we feel very strongly about and we will help you with our recommendations and opinions. When our seniors enter the car buying mode we always would like to help. This is where Carmentors4u can and will produce a great deal for you, without the hassles and embarrassments.

The matter here is that, there are individuals in the car business that will use high pressure and/or conniving tricks to produce a sale. The insensitivity that goes with this way of business can be stopped and Carmentors4u will make sure of it. We are not suggesting that our seniors are ignorant or even require any guidance at all, but we are aware of the practices that do take place if allowed.

We have seen our trusting and excited seniors become the victims of car deals that were ones for the record books. WHAT WE MEAN HERE, is that the profit generated was outrageous. Senior citizens just need be aware of certain things that may lead them towards paying way too much for an automobile. Profit is not a bad word, but gouging is.

Carmentors4u will strongly recommend, that seniors become very comfortable before going to the dealership Be very prepared for several methods that are used regularly by the sales departments on seniors. The truth be known, in some cases, the senior citizens are sometimes a little to quick to pull the trigger when it comes to car buying decisions. Be cautious, become informed and take little more time. Slow down and reward yourself with the benefits of proper non pressured decisions. You are retired, what is your hurry, make them wait. You can enjoy the process rather than feel uptight and vulnerable.


Here is a mild example of what can happen-this is a real deal.

A senior citizen that was 82 years young, very independent and has a very strong will. If a person (or a salesperson) were to speak to this senior citizen for a few moments, it would not take any time at all to realize and understand that he has seen better days. It would be obvious that he is getting frail and is not thinking as clearly as he used to. In our opinion had no need for a new vehicle because he owned three already. ALL VERY NEW ACQUISITIONS. He recently visited a dealership and ended up with his fourth vehicle, and paid full sticker (suggested list price) for the truck. Though I do not believe there was any thing dishonest that occurred, I do believe that he was taken advantage of in this particular situation.

With this said, was it "OK" to sell someone like this a truck? The salesperson that sold it to him, obviously thought so.

I have to also say that he was not alone in this transaction, and was accompanied by his bride who knows absolutely nothing about dealing, just ask her, she will admit it. By the way she is in her late seventies.

To make a long story short, this senior citizen wanted to purchase the vehicle cash and was convinced to finance a portion of the deal instead, for whatever reason. When asked for his drivers license, he could not provide one, for he has a condition called (Macular degeneration) or in other words is legally blind. "Ok" it was his decision to buy, but I know the salesman may have developed an indication that this person being a "very senior citizen" did not require a truck or vehicle at all. The finance manager probably was very helpful too, when he had to point to the place on the contract to sign. He was #@%#@% blind, great call on selling this guy a new vehicle.

What about his wife you say? Where did she play in this whole thing? She loves her husband and why not allow my husband to get what he wanted, but certainly did not need. Love, pride, stubbornness, who knows.

This was passed on to me by her. There were several attempts to leave and go home to think about what was about to happen. The pressure was applied to do the deal then, in order to take advantage of rebates etc.., Once again, they wanted to leave to think about it, but it was insisted that the deal take place right then and there. Do you see the trend?

There was no need for pressure. If the salesman felt comfortable with the job he did during the sales process, which includes qualifying, "he would not have to worry right"?. Was the right thing to do to let them go and think about it, I think so. I believe that he probably would have purchased the truck, but maybe not. He needed it like a hole in the head. The bottom line here is the salesman and dealership knew it, but were certainly more interested in the car deal rather than the senior citizens in front of them.

Should ethics come in to play? How important is a car deal anyway? Will one deal make or break a car dealership? How much money does it take to turn your head away from the important things? If the deal did not come together, who would have been hurt? Who would of cared, THIS SENIOR GOT WHAT HE WANTED, RIGHT?

He has owned the truck now for over seven months and has driven it three times, I guess he really did need it after all it has 1100 miles on it now. $35,000 dollars for a truck that will probably just sit, oh well, it was his decision right!!! Senior citizens need to be aware of the tactics and lack of ethics that can be evident.

This subject can probably be debated and some sort of rational generated, but the bottom line is what right is right. Period.

Carmentors4u feels so strongly about this subject and the situations that some of our seniors have gone through. We will provide SPECIAL SERVICES to our seniors. Contact us today.

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