I would like to introduce you to a little bit about myself, and how I became Steve Griffiths Carmentor.

I started my career in sales in the mobile home business in the 80's, business was booming. This is where I started learning how to negotiate.

I started in the car business in 1993. I have made so many good friends in the car business (clients, salesmen, managers, and dealership owners) what a joy to know all of them. If you get to know any of them they will tell you I love to negotiate anything. Could be a car deal, a motel room rate, furniture, rv's, etc.

I do not get confrontational when I negotiate because that is all it is, a negotiation. If we do not make a deal I still want to part as friends. The reason I love to negotiate is because I have fun doing it.

One of my best time negotiating was with a Wal-Mart manager over a leaf blower at Christmas time. I know I enjoyed it and I think he did also. If he would of had two leaf blowers for what I got the first one for I would of bought that one too.

If I can tell you anything about the negotiating process ENJOY IT. If done right you will have a blast.

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