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The programs Carmentors4u offers will keep the client in touch with us, as we communicate with you. Carmentors4u keeps you informed with all steps. We pride ourselves with the fact that our customers are kept in the loop at all times. We will communicate by email and is always on, or pick up the phone and call us, or use your computer.

We realize that questions need to be answered and we will respond very quickly. This becomes typical, and we communicate with everyone of our clients.

We get to you within several methods, email, cellphone, or by computer. When our clients choose the method we will with them in the form most comfortable to them.

Read it and understand how we operate, We ultimately saved this client over $7200, not to mention a lot of Time and Energy.

This is an actual email communication to one of our happy clients


Once again I would like to say thank you for allowing me to be of service to you and your family.

My New Venture allows me the freedom to act as an independent and not within the constraints of a dealership and their philosophy’s. Rather than dealing with one way of thinking and certain profit parameter’s. I can act separately and find the very best deal for my customer’s.

I have spent some time on your desire to replace your Tahoe with a new one.

I promised we would communicate an I have come up with and I will add my recommendations.

I have found that car deals can be worked either on a wholesale to wholesale comparison or a retail to retail. It is always better to work a deal to come up with the very best discounts and incentives possible. Then if there is a trade in the picture, get the dealer to evaluate that after the price is presented. I have shopped for the best deal initially and then got the hard money appraisal on your trade in.

Unfortunately, close at home we are not getting any great deals to look at. I have come to believe that a local dealer seems to think he can keep us captive and not strike up very good numbers. This compelled me to look outside our area for deal that makes sense for you and your family.

Briefly, the local dealer presented a deal that showed a $2200 discount off of the factory suggested list price and a trade value that was $1500 lower than I felt your Tahoe should be worth. That is where my experience shines a little.

After 26 years I kind of have a feel for things, and react very quickly to dealers that are not interested in an aggressive deals. This holds true specially on a 2010 model in this case.

As I mentioned before, I have found a couple of LTZ’s and felt that either of these deals represent a very good opportunity for you guys to save some money.

We communicate, so here we go----------

The best overall deal is the demo -but I know the color is important!!!!!

FIRST DEAL--------

2010 Tahoe LTZ (Black with ebony interior) fully loaded all options. Beautiful Unit -there are also a Red and a Taupe available for roughly $1000 more

The unit is a demo and has 4500 miles on it.

Suggested list price--------$57,670

Your price w/b---$52,555 includes prep,paint sealant,and front tinted windows

Tax 8.6 percent $3,745 tax is calculated on the difference of vehicles License 250

Trade <$9,000> we felt very good considering the 90k miles

Total amount to finance $47,550

0.0 % up to 72 mos. Or $ 3,000 rebate (factory incentives)

Payments without rebates at 0 % 60 x 792 or 72 x 660 with 3,000$ rebate applied payments are higher!!!!! With same terms and 3.9% APR.

NEXT DEAL------we found-

2011 Tahoe LTZ loaded all options Brand New (White Diamond)

Suggested list price----------$59,270

Your price w/b- $54,779 includes prep, paint sealant, and front tinted windows Tax $3,937

Lic 250

Trade <$9,000>

Total amount to finance $49,966

2.9 % for 60 months 60 x 889

3.9 % and 2000 rebate 72 x 742

These are the best deals to date but:

There are some 2010 LT’S for some good prices as well -I am thinking we could save an additional $5000 or more off of retail.

I am here for you, call me with questions. The deals are "OK" on 2011’s but not the greatest yet.


Chuck Davis-Carmentors 4u

PS-I will work very hard to secure that perfect deal. Let me know if you want me to look at LT's for you.


As you can see we communicate with our clients.

This client elected to choose our Package Number 3 because of their extreme business schedule. From the time we started this deal till we delivered it to their office, took place in less than 5 days. We communicate with you the way you desire. These clients were very very happy.

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