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Chuck Davis There comes a time in life for a person to maybe think about making a difference. My grandchildren mean the world to my wife and I. We have three of them living with us full time. We know we can make a difference in their lives and have decided to take a very different look towards the future .

My career of the last 25 years consisted of working very hard for a few car dealer's and providing them with alot of success and fortune.

Now is the time to take my experience that covers all aspects of car deals, appraising, negotiations, finance, delivery processes and much much more. Reach out and help people save Money, Time and energy by teaching and sharing these invaluable skills.

That is why we started CarMentors4u.

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Steve Griffiths I have been married 35 years, have 7 children and 8 grand children. I like to play golf with my sons and hang out with the family. We were blessed with our 4 daughter's through Adoption.

This is why I started CarMentors4u , more time with family, and to help other people out with my years of experience in the car business.

I have been in the car business since 1993, been in sales since 1984. I have been in all areas of the car business from a salesman, closer, F&I Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager.

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